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    As the 2-Deoxy-D-glucose continues to age and longevity from cardiovascu-lar disease continues to improve, better and more pragmatic tools that can be integrated into busy clinical practices are needed to optimally se-lect older patients with cancer for curative therapy. With appropriate use of chemotherapy, as well as ongoing management of co-morbid conditions, outcomes in older patients with colon cancer can be signifi-cantly improved.
    Authorship Contributions
    Contribution: Name(s) of author(s)
    Study concepts: Raycraft, Mariano, Cheung, Speers. Ko…
    Study design: Raycraft. Cheung, Ko, Speers. Yin, Mariano
    Data acquisition: Raycraft, Speers, Yin, Mariano
    Quality control of data and algorithms: Speers, Yin, Raycraft
    Data analysis and interpretation: Raycraft. Cheung, Ko, Speers. Yin, Mariano
    Statistical analysis: Yin, Speers
    Manuscript preparation: Raycraft. Cheung, Ko, Speers, Yin, Mariano
    Manuscript editing: Raycraft. Cheung, Ko, Speers, Yin, Mariano
    Manuscript review: Raycraft. Cheung, Ko, Speers, Yin, Mariano
    Conflict of Interests
    The authors have no conflicts of interest to declare.
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